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serving Tyler, Texas and surrounding areas with compassionate, holistic midwifery

Hello there and welcome,

I'm Colleen Shulenberger

Wife, mother to 4 wonderful children and one dog, and a full-time home birth midwife in Tyler, Texas. My first experience with midwifery is a childhood memory of my mother in labor, walking in circles in our living room breathing heavy with 2 midwives sitting in the corner holding space for her as the great wait continued. I would attend prenatal visits with her and listen to the midwife’s wild stories of rushing in the night to support a new life entering the world and sometimes her cursing of the state of maternity care in Texas. My eyes were wide. My heart was pounding. It sounded like a grand adventure, and yet, I had no desire to find its depths.

Colleen Shulenberger, CM LPM, midwife in Tyler, TX

Until I had my first baby.

A shift happened when I climbed the stairs of our apartment from my hospital stay: alone, broken, and frustrated. Was it normal to not be seen for 6 weeks yet there were appointments every other day to check on the baby? Was it normal to have these symptoms, fears, lack of healing? Leaving messages on an overwhelmed OB answering machine and no response moved me to do something.

My start in birth work

I became a birth doula in 2013 and opened A Sacred Nest. I began attending hospital births and teaching Bradley Method birth education classes for hospital and home birthers. In 2017 I studied under Dr. Francis at UT Health to become a lactation educator and that same year began my journey into midwifery at a high-volume birth center in Tyler. I welcomed 2 more of my own delightful humans over this time and in 2020, while pregnant with my 4th, I transitioned my little doula business into a midwifery partnership. I passed the NARM exam and received my Texas midwifery license.

Licensed Midwife for Tyler and East Texas

A Sacred Nest

A Sacred Nest Midwifery’s growth was fast and furious as more and more women were seeking out of hospital care as the dreaded C word took over our country. We served over 400 families across East Texas in our 3 years, some rural places more then 45 mins from a hospital, some just down the street. It was amazing and wonderful and awful, and hard. I grew in my faith, my conviction, and my resolve that this is the path that God has called me to. This is how I want to spend my life, serving women and their families through midwifery.

Becoming The Midwife

As we all know in life, seasons change. The season of A Sacred Nest closed, and I shifted into a solo practice in 2023 preparing for 2024 due dates. The Midwife has been a name on my heart for some time to educate and equip my community for welcoming new life and I am so glad that it is being used in this way.

My heart for midwifery in East Texas

I am filled with a desire more than ever to provide care for families in my community, full time, for as long as the Lord allows. From a little kid watching the magic of labor to being welcomed into hundreds of homes across East Texas, I pray your journey is empowered regardless of where you birth. Know that your voice matters, that you are cherished, and that you are doing a high and holy work through this journey called motherhood.

You are loved.


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