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Professional, compassionate midwifery care, combining evidence-based practice with the rich traditions of home birth.

Reclaiming Family-Centered Birth

Every birth is sacred.

Midwife means “with woman”, and for centuries, the midwife has played a central role in the health, safety, and healing of their community. Traditionally, babies have been born at home, surrounded and supported by their families. The midwife revered birth as a normal and natural part of a woman’s life and promoted a culture that believes and supports a woman’s right to birth on her terms, in her home, with her family.

I am honored to carry that title. And I desire to reclaim the sacred traditions to promote a safe alternative for birth, health, and wellness in East Texas.

Compassionate home birth midwifery for Tyler and East Texas

Bringing Birth Back Home

Beginning to Serve East Texas

Home birth is a safe option for low-risk women and babies. By treating birth as the process of becoming a mother, and not a medical procedure, women avoid the use of unnecessary interventions and the risks they can pose. During active labor, The Midwife team is there to ensure your safety and guide you into positions that will enhance your labor and comfort. We are not experts at birthing your baby; You are. We are experts in what can help to facilitate birth and we honor the space that you are creating.

You can eat and drink as you like, move about your home, and have ultimate control of your labor and birth. When your baby is ready to be born, we are monitoring closely and there by your side to give the encouragement you need. We support you in whatever position you choose to birth in, or place, be in the tub or your living room. Our team is skilled to support you and your newborn from start to finish.

Water birth in Tyler, TX with evidenced-based care

reclaim the sacred

Equipping from the start of life

Your health and wellness before, during and after pregnancy matters. Midwives give the woman back autonomy over her body to choose and prepare for her birth, her way. When you choose a midwife, it provides you the privilege and responsibility to take an active role in your care. You are not a patient; you are a partner in the knowledge and decision-making from day one. The Midwife adheres to the Midwifery Model of Care by being low tech, high touch, and prioritizes your voice, safety and dignity.

Family-centered home birth with midwife in Tyler, TX

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